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Pushing Daisies – Season 1

Ned has a special gift. With a simple touch he can bring people and beings back to life. Unfortunately, this is only for a short period of time as otherwise something or someone else will die instead. And touching the person that was brought to life again will result in immediate return to the dead. As such, Ned hasn’t had an easy life but now he’s got things pretty much under control. He’s got a pie shop (The Pie Hole) and every now and then he helps out local detective Emerson Cod by bringing some stiff back in order for him to tell how he/she died. When one day Emerson calls in Ned again, the dead person is no-one else than Ned’s long lost love Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Charles and Ned can’t bring himself to touch her again in time resulting in the death of the local coroner. With Chuck back alive, Ned’s life is almost complete as he’s got his sweetheart back, but the sad thing is that he can’t touch her ever again or he will have lost her forever.

Sound and Vision:
The colors and actually the entire series is bright and vivid up to a level that you could almost become sick of the “feelgood” atmosphere that’s surrounding this series. Compression errors are not present and although some scenes are too obviously rendered there’s little to complain about the image.

The sound does a decent job but it’s unfortunate that there’s no surround track present.

Deleted scenes is all we get

Pushing Daisies is a very refreshing series in the sense that it doesn’t quite follow standard guidelines and is quite different from anything you’ve ever seen. It’s got an extremely positive atmosphere despite the rather gruesome subject but in some strange way it does work thanks to the overly bright colors, happy music and over-the-top acting. Unfortunately, the series doesn’t manage to remain at the same level all the time. It’s concept is so weird that at first you’ll be wondering what the hell you’re watching, after a while you’ll find it to be great but by the end of the first season things already start to slump and you’re getting a bit tired of the same things over and over again. Pushing Daisies is certainly worth a try but it doesn’t manage to completely convince yet.

Our Score:

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