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Mike Brennan (Nolte) is a cop who doesn’t mind kicking some arse. When one day he shoots a small-time crook, he portrays it as self-defense. At first it looks like he’s going to get away with it but when Assistent District Attorney Al Reilly (Hutton) is put on the case to investigate things start to look bad. Reilly doesn’t want to put the case to rest that easily and start a thorough investigation and quickly discovers that there’s more to it than what people want him to find out. Together with two cops, Reilly starts to dig deeper and finds out that there’s links between Brennan, organised crime and even his own father. Meanwhile, Brennan is doing all he can to get rid of all potential witnesses that might incriminate him.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent with reasonable contrast, level of black, detail, etc. Compression errors are limited and dust and scratches are absent. No dirt has been spotted which is a positive point.

The 2.0 soundtrack does its job but everything has a somewhat metallic sound. The dialogues are clear and understandable but they don’t sound natural the same goes for the little action in the movie (like an explosion)

Theatrical Trailer

I remember the first time I saw Q&A and I found it very good. Now, years later, I was kinda disappointed as the pace is rather slow and doesn’t really intrigue anymore. Movies about bad cops have been around for many years and there are better ones out there. Still, this budget release brings this movie (which looks a bit outdated) at a decent price so you can’t really go wrong.

Our Score:

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