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Quantum Leap Season 1

Dr. Samuel Beckett and Albert Calavicci are experimenting with time travel and although their project, Quantum Leap, isn’t completely finished yet, Beckett decides to try it out nonetheless. The result is a miscalculation that results in him being sent back in time into the body of someone else while having lost most of his memory. Little later, Albert appears as a hologram in front of him and explains a bit what has happened. However, Albert and Ziggy (the supercomputer created by Beckett) are incapable of bringing Beckett back. For some unknown reason, Beckett seems to have to set things that have gone wrong in the past right before he does a new Quantum jump and ends up in another body. This results each time in strange situations but with the help of hologram Albert, he constantly manages to do the right thing.

Sound and Vision:
This series is quite old already and also uses archived takes from real world events so you can imagine that the overall image quality isn’t all too fantastic. The series itself has been digitally remastered but although it certainly looks dated, it’s quite decent despite some damage here and there. The image quality of the special effects is worse as it isn’t as sharp as the rest of the footage and has some problems with dark scenes. All in all, seeing the age of the series, the image is decent and good enough to watch. Especially when comparing with the quality that was shown on tv.

The soundtrack is also dated but does its job as it should. Dialogues are clear and understandable.

– Introductions to several episodes by Scott Bakula who talks a bit about the specific episode.
– A Kiss With History: A featurette that looks back at the series and has images from taping as well as interviews with several cast & crew members.

Donald P. “Magnum” Bellisario’s Quantum Leap looks and feels very dated but it does bring forth some nostalgic feelings that people who know the series from when it was broadcasted will love. The show has some pretty decent acting with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in the main leads while the storylines of the different episodes are mostly quite predictable but still enjoyable to see. Universal has cleaned up the image and sound a bit and added an interesting featurette along with introductions to several episodes by Scott Bakula. Perfect stuff for kids & fans

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