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Queen of the Damned

Lestat, the vampire from “interview with the vampire”, has been dormant for 100 years when the sound of rock music reaches his ears and he awakes. He goes back to his old house where a young band is playing and he decides to join them.

In no time his band becomes extremely popular and he gets himself in the spotlight, adored by millions of mortals and hated by the vampire community who do not appreciate that he openly tells everyone that he is indeed a vampire.To make things even more complicated, his music which conseils many vampire secrets awakens Akasha, the “mother” of all vampires who wants to rule the world along with Lestat.

People who believe this to be a real sequel to “Interview with the Vampire” are mistaken. There are many flaws in “Queen of the Damned” when you compare it with the original movie based on Anne Rice’s work and while Interview with the Vampire was a lot about romance, Queen of the Damned more looks like a movie which was put together quickly and poured over with a sauce of MTV rock culture. None of the characters have any depth to them, the storyline is absurd at best and Aaliyah’s role is pretty short (and I’m not even making a point on the fact that she’s hugely over-rated for her acting if you see her performance here).

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is except for small moiré and aliasing in a couple of shots perfect. Good color balance, depth, shading and contrast. There’s no edge enhancement to be seen anywhere. In conclusion : great image quality. The same goes for the sound, it’s very good with nice use of the surround channels and subwoofer when necessary.

Loads of extras on this Warner DVD, starting with a commentary track where the director, producer and music composer give their thoughts on the movie. Next to that there’s some additional scenes, some interviews with rock stars like Marylin Manson, Richard Gibbs and Jonathan Davis on the soundtrack they made for the movie, and a featurette wich has interviews with main cast and crew. Since Aaliyah has died and the movie is dedicated to her, one of the extra’s is a 3 minute “Aaliyah Remember” which contains her brother talking about her and some shots from interviews with the deceased star. Next to all this we get some music video’s (including a couple which were made for the movie and will not be shown on MTV), concert clips (terrible sound) and bloopers. Of course the theatrical trailer and photo gallery couldn’t be left away.

On the technical side of things, this DVD is a must-have. For the movie however, you shouldn’t buy it.

Our Score:

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