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Queen, The

Tony Blair gets elected as Prime Minister of Great Bitain but little after his celebration he already gets a bitter pil to swallow: Diana gets killed in a car accident. The royal family wasn’t all too happy with Diana anymore and they want to morn in private. However, the public, who had a huge love for Diana, want to get a public ceremony and want the queen to show her emotions. While the difference of opinion between the public and the royal family heightens, Blair finds himself in the middle and has to do what he can to save the monarchy.

Sound and Vision:
The Queen has decent image with hardly any compression errors but the grain that we see in the archived footage tends to show itself also at times in other scenes.

The movie is dialogue-centered and the surround speakers only get used for some additional atmosphere setting with music.

On the extras front we get an audio commentary track by Stephen Frears and Peter Morgan as well as a three-part Making Of which lasts for about 19 minutes in total which takes a look at the cast, the settings and the “week” of Diana’s death.

The Queen has received an Oscar for Best Actress (Helen Mirren) and two Golden Globe awards for Best Actress and Best Script. The movie shows the happenings in Great Britain following the death of Diana and how Blair and the Queen had to struggle to make a balance between personal feelings and the will of the public. Personally, I have a similar feeling with this movie as I had with The Devil wears Prada. Yes, Helen Mirren does an excellent job with portraying the Queen, but that doesn’t make the movie interesting. There are a couple of very beautiful scenes, but the film doesn’t bring anything new to the screen, doesn’t offer any compelling facts and in the end there’s nothing that surprised me in any way. To put it quite blunt: The Queen is boring, both in real life and in this movie. The movie is something royalty watchers will probably love to watch but if you’re not into that, there’s little interesting to be seen.

Our Score:

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