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Quick Death Mod

Could you explain the general idea behind the mod?

The idea is very simple. You put some players on 1 map give them a railgun that does so much damage that makes them explode by 1 hit and let them have infinite ammo. Ok untill here it’s just instagib. So we added new things. Items that make your railgun go faster, a Quad Speed pu that makes your railgun shoot 4 * as fast. Also we implemented new game modes like Knock Out where you have to shoot your opponent out of the special maps (your railgun does no damage) so basicly the idea is instagib with a lot of new features that bring instagib to a mod level.

And how you came up with the name of this mod?

I was thinking to call it Rail Arena or something, but that wouldn’t be original I guess. So if I wanted to be more serious it had to have a better name, one nicely fitted to the concept. So since its based on instagib gameplay it was logic I could call it Quick Death. (ppl die very fast in this mod 🙂

How did you came to the idea of creating this mod?

Well to be honest, I started as a complete noob. so Ii simple read some tutorials and stuff. Then I wanted to create a client based instagib so you could play against bots. This was very simple using the tutorials on planetquake. So I called it after my clan Rmstagib. Anyway this was so dope that I shamed myself and so I added new stuff and hey it started to look great. Then I started to look for some dedicated ppl to help me building the mod I had in mind. And so was my little baby born, Quick Death beta. It was a good excuse to get hosted on Planetquake and use their publicity features… *smiles* … Later it grew nicely to the current release 2.0 which is very fun to play.

The current version is 2.0, are you planning to release a new version soon? And if so, what features are you going to add?

Yes we are currently happy to introduce QD to a new level; QD 3.0, It has 2 new gametypes called Classic Instagib, wich is the old instagib from quake 2 using the grapple. Pro QD where you can only score by hitting a headshot. There will be some nice new maps available, a complete new menu system and layout, an updated Railgun skinner and allot of tweaking to the old code. More might be added if we get some great ideas. This release is running slow at the moment due to a lack of mappers, but I hope it to be released soon (more I cant say 🙂 )

Which brings us to your cry for help… You deperately need mappers?
If someone is interested, who should they contact then?

They can contact me, Hidden email address. If they apply for a place in our team it’s best that they include some pictures of their earlier work.

What does QD brings us in the future? Any plans for the quake 4 engine? Or maybe the Ut 2 engine?

I cant read tarrot cards so… I can ask my mother to do that or I can predict a little myself. So i think that the 3.0 serie wil be the last release for QD on q3. I want to do something else, yes maybe a new mod on 1 of the new engines. I hope that Q4 doesnt have instagib in it yet so I could work on that soon 🙂

Ok thanks for the interview, and let us know when QD 3.0 is released!

I wont, planes will wear a banner:’ hey railppl out there! The new qd is finnally here!!!’ 😉

Want to know more? Visit their site and perhaps download QD 2.0?

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