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Raid, Le (The Race)

Four not all too smart criminals get from their boss Carlito a last chance to proove their worth and have to follow Carlito’s fiancé, just to make sure she doesn’t go humping with other guys while she’s in Canada. However, when they arrive at their hotel, they check out the wrong hotel room and end up in a room together with an older man who’s waiting for a couple of assassins he hired. The man doesn’t know the four aren’t those he hired and offers them 4 million dollars to kill his niece Leonore de Segonzac. When they accept and head off to Patagonia to compete in “The Race” together with Leonore, they don’t know that the real assassins are back and have started pursuit to do their job and get the money back.

Sound and Vision:
Image quality is good with nice contrast and no obvious errors from the transfer to DVD. Good contrast, bright colors and no edge enhacement to be seen.

The soundtrack is clear with dialogues coming nicely from the front speakers and surround channels being used when necessary. Still, there aren’t too many special effects and the few times the subwoofer could be used, it comes in a little too silent in my opinion. Still, overall a pretty good track.

Trailers of other movies is all we get

Anyone who loves the French type of comedy which means overacting and lots of misunderstandings a la Louis De Funès might like this movie. I personally found it way over-the-top and not even getting to the level of De Funès

Our Score:

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