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Rampage: Total Destruction

Rampage: Total Destruction, or how a great idea can turn into complete chaos… for a second time…

Rampage is a game franchise that has been around for quite some years already. It appeared first on the NES in 1988 and as George the Gorilla or Lizzie the lizard you got to trash the city. The game had a completely destructable environment and even eating people was a possibility.

Last year, Rampage: Total Destruction arrived as the x-th sequel for Gamecube and PS2 but didn’t manage to bring anything new and refreshing. This Wii-version is – except for the controls – exactly the same. The concept didn’t change in 19 years but the presentation is very average. The cities are made in 3D and you’ll have to trash street after street as monster. By smashing windows power-ups will become visible and these give more or less health, some bonus points or occasionally a new monster.

The monsters are based on 40 different animals and can be improved with five new moves by fulfilling missions. The extra moves are the same each time but the way to earn them differs. For instance, you can collect three dames of spades, eat six mime players, or destroy seven chimneys. The game has ten cities spread over the entire world with each having about eight environments. The levels are simplistic and seem to be based on the side-scrolling original.

The controls, of course unique for the Wii version, are confusing. When the remote is combined with the nunchuck the latter is used for movement. By making a lot of moves with the remote you can punch and kick. Often the moves are wrong interpreted which makes that it’s more a matter of swirling a volonté.

If the nunchuck gets disconnected then the monster can’t be stopped at all. Like a failed joystick you’ll have to move your controller towards the screen to make the monster go down and the other way around. After ten minutes of trying I gave up as I felt like giving my Wii a total destruction.

Also when it comes to graphics, the game isn’t worth much. The monsters look reasonable but the surroundings will make you cry and the sound manages to help you get a headache. Fortunate that the makers decided to add the original with this game, as well as Rampage: World Tour, to soften the hurting. These two classics become playable by pressing “1” in the main menu.

I find it remarkable how such games are brought to market. The game carries a “12+” logo due to the amount of violence but offers the amount of depth that gets equalled by an enfants scientific knowledge. The game is so incredibly boring that I even prefer watching the weather channel.

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