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Economic crisis, global warming, a lousy job, … Bill Williamson is fed up with it all. While his parents are discussing it’s time for him to go live on his own, he builds himself a kevlar body suit to go on a rampage in his hometown…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are pretty decent despite having a very high level of reality-TV. Just like the cast, Boll improvised a lot and the camera handling clearly shows that hardly anything was set up in advance.

The issues we found on this DVD, like grain and such, are all done intentionally so on a technical point of view there’s nothing to complain about.

– Making Of
– Audio commentary track

The typical extra’s we find on DVD’s from Uwe Boll. As usual his comments on the movie are rather interesting and definitely worth a look as they give a better idea of what’s on this controversial director’s mind.

Uwe Boll has been making pretty shitty movies for years and it wasn’t until Postal that we found any of his films to be worth giving anything close to a thumbs up. With Rampage, however, that changes.

Based on a true story, Rampage is actually pretty good and not in the sense it’s so bad it’s good again, but actually GOOD! Boll explains in the Making Of that the script for the movie was only 20 pages long and that he let his cast improvise dialogues and such and it actually works!

From the first moment on you know that the rampage is coming, but with the reality-tv-like filming the tension nicely builds up until the very ending. Unlike most directors, Boll doesn’t go for the big blowout action where the lead character acts as an avenger without any depth, but instead there’s a certain “calm” around Williamson that makes the whole even more interesting to follow. The scenes in the bingo hall and the hairdress studio just add to the absurdity of it all and give the movie a finishing touch. If you’ve seen “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas in the lead, you know what you’re getting into. Rampage has a similar feel.

When the end arrives, you’re sitting in your seat, wondering what the hell just happened, and that without tons of explosions having passed by or planes crashing into building. Instead the plot twist at the end shows that there was more to the rampage than you thought at first. Quite an accomplishment.

Boll finally shows that he’s got what it takes to make underground movies that may not reach the general public but do have something to say. Never thought I’d say this but “we want more!”

Our Score:

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