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Ransom (Special Edition)

Tom Mullen (Mel Gibson) is a very rich business man when one day his son gets kidnapped. When the criminal that did this act asks for a ransom, Tom and his wife (Rene Russo) decide to pay several million dollars. However, during the drop of the money, several things go wrong and the kidnappers doesn’t release Tom’s son. Tom takes justice into his own hands and calls on to the public to find his son and the kidnapper in exchange for the same amount of cash the kidnapper asked for. A race between Tom and the general public on one side and the kidnapper on the other side has begun.

Sound and Vision:
A while after the original DVD release, Buena Vista decided to repackage this movie and the quality has greatly improved. While in the original version there were several problems to be seen, this release has no more aliasing, better detail and color balance. Still, edge enhancement can be spotted several times and the subtitling is put too high on the screen.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 track is very good except for the fact that the surround channels are hardly used and that’s pretty disappointing as an action movie like this definitely has enough opportunities for the rear speakers to be used.

We start off with audio commentary from Ron Howard and a “Making Of” called “What would you do” featuring interviews with cast&crew and some behind the scenes footage. Next to that you can watch some jokes from cast&crew in “Between Takes” and 4 deleted scenes without explanation why they were cut from the final movie. Of course, the trailer cannot be left behind.

This Special Edition version of Ransom has a couple of extra’s but nothing really special. The main reason why you should go for this version is the improved image quality. Ransom itself is a pretty standard action movie but with a nice plot turn which makes it different from 90% of all “kidnap-movies” out there.

Our Score:

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