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Raven Soft talks Elite Force

After finishing Elite Force, I felt I had finished a great game. OK, people tend to say it’s too short, but I don’t think of it as being so much shorter than Soldier of Fortune and I really liked the game. Therefor I decided to post some questions to Raven’s Brian Pelletier, who was the project leader of Elite Force.

The obvious question : Will there be a sequel to Elite Force ?

BP: The sequel is still uncertain right now. We are trying to figure out our next slate of games and we have a lot of great ideas for games but we can only have 2-3 games in production at one time. I know some of the guys are coming up with ideas for a sequel in case we decide to go with an Elite Force 2. I hope we find out soon:-)

Are there things you would like to have done different with the development of STVEF, and if so, what ?

BP: I would have liked to have put the mission stats in the game. right now there are some stats when you die but we wanted to give the player stats or a performance evaluation for every mission. I feel this would have been more fun for the player because it would have been another goal to achieve (a good score) and add replay value to the missions. The stats would have also made saving a crew member more tied into your performance than just an interactive thing.

What is it that you liked most on making a Star Trek game that is actually good ?

BP: I really enjoyed being able to work on a product that based on a such a popular and well known TV and movie series. I have known the Star Trek universe as long as I can remember and I love science fiction so it was a thrill to be able to work with and contribute to the Star Trek franchise.

Most Star Trek games in the past were pretty bad, weren’t you afraid that would happen to Elite Force as well ?

BP: Not at all. I was confident in our abilities as game developers and we have a very high standard for what our games should be. We set out to make a really fun action game. We didn’t really think about Star Trek so much and concentrated more on what would be fun for the player. Once we came up with a lot of great fun ideas we then fit it into the Star Trek universe.

What is the next thing you’ll be working on ?

BP: Not sure what games yet. As stated earlier we are still working on figuring out our next set of games. Besides being a Project leader I am also and artist so I have been catching up on some art programs. For the next project I will be doing mainly art and take more of a back seat role in project leading. I went from project leading Heretic II right into Elite Force without a break, so I need to rest my brain a bit and get back into doing more artwork

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