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Raven, The

Dr. Erasmus Craven (Price) is a wizard who lives together with his daughter Estelle (Sturgess). Ever since his father died 20 years ago he hasn’t practiced his magic anymore but when a raven arrives at his house and asks to be transformed back to a human, Craven goes out to seek the ingredients to do this and it works: the raven transforms into Dr. Bedlo (Lorre) who was transformed by grand master Dr. Scarabus (Karloff) during a duel. When Bedlo sees the picture of a beautiful woman on the desk of Craven, he tells him that he’s seen this woman with Scarabus but this isn’t possible according to Craven as this picture is of his former wife who died. Craven decides to go to Scarabus to clear things up and together with Estelle and Rexford (Nicholson), Bedlo’s son, to head off to the castle of Scarabus. At first Scarabus seems to be a very nice man, but what they don’t know is that he wants the special powers of Craven for himself…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is from 1963 and the picture looks dated. Still, the colors are bright and shadow detail is good while the overall image is also sharp except for some special effect shots. Seeing the age of the movie we have to conclude the image quality is pretty decent.

The soundtrack is mono and sounds very dated with lots of high sounds and almost no low. Dialogues are understandable but that’s about all that can be said.

Only the theatrical trailer

People looking for a movie with two of the most well-known horror actors from ancient history will have a feast with Boris Karloff (who used to be Frankenstein) and Vincent Price (known as Dr. Phibes). People who mind old pictures shouldn’t come near this 🙂

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