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Rayman M

One of Ubi Soft’s biggest successes is the Rayman franchise. On several game platforms, this little critter is earning money like hell, and now Ubi Soft has brought him to the PC with a multiplayer option.

When you think of platform games, one would think it’s about finishing level after level, ultimately with the goal to free the princess or something. After a while things like that get boring so Ubi Soft has thought up several way to play Rayman M and they’ve succeeded very well. Atleast, for those looking for a single player game.

There are loads of game types available that can keep you busy for quite a while and they’re divided in 2 types : race or battle.

If you want to race, you’ve got 4 modes : training (try to break your own speed record), Race (against other characters), Popolopoï (against time, win extra time by collecting Popolopoï) or Lums (like Popolopoï).

In Battle mode there are 3 modes : Lum Spring (collect as many lums as possible), Lum Fight (kill your opponents while collecting Lums) or Capture the Fly (collect lums by capturing and holding on to a fly while your opponents try to steal it from you)

By winning a certain mode you’ll unlock other modes so don’t expect to be able to play all modes from the beginning. Also during the game you can get bonus levels and extra characters to choose from.

Multiplayer gives you the possibility to play the levels you have unlocked in single player against 1 other human opponent with a maximum of 4 players in total (2 human and 2 computer).

The graphics are really good and there are enough amusing game modes to keep you busy for quite a while. The only downpoint is the multiplayer mode which is really not worth being called that.

Overall, Rayman M is a good arcade game worthy to its genre, especially seeing that so little games of this type are being released for PC these days.

If you’re into arcade games, this is a must-have.

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