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RC Cars

For everyone who in their youth (or even now) always wanted a remote controlled car but never got it from their parents or didn’t have enough cash for it, there’s now the ideal solution. In RC Cars you’ll race with such a car in the real world which makes everything look gigantic. Is it a big title ? Or just a failure that drives straight in the trash bin ? Read on.

I remember having had such an RC Car but it quickly broke down so I found it very nice to find the virtual version in my mailbox. During installation I got to see some screens of atmospheric images with beaches, fortresses, campings, and a lot more. The levels look quite good on the screens and to my joy there had the same quality in-game.

Each of the ten levels has its own atmosphere. If you drive in a deserted mine you won’t see much more than mine karts and walls but when racing on the beach, the sun will shine on your face and people will be happy strawling around. These people don’t like you driving around their feet by the way as they keep trying to kick you away and in an army base they’ll blast you to pieces.

The game consists out of different parts. In Championship you’ll face 7 adversaries in different levels and you’ll need to pay admission fee to participate. If you loose, you’ve lost your money aswell, if you win, you get an extra bonus. In the beginning this can lead to frustration since after a while it becomes annoying to keep having to do the same track as you don’t have enough money to go to the next. On the other hand this can also be seen as a challenge which is more than welcome.

If you take a wrong turn or bang against a wall you can be sure you’ve lost the race. A comfort is that such mistakes also lead to the same result for your opponents. You may be bothered with the fact that your adversaries keep trying to ram you but if you take enough of a distance between you and them you won’t be hassled anymore.
The controls are easy to get used to and for once I find them to be really good for a PC racing game. Other racers tend to be filled with difficult controls but in RC Cars you only have the basic movement controls without any unnecessary stuff; Arrow keys for direction and speed, shift gives an extra turbo boost and jumps can be done with the space bar. Jumping is necessary to dodge obstacles and opponents.

When after a while you start having difficulties to win it’s time to upgrade your car. Indeed, it may be a small RC car but that doesn’t mean you can’t alter it. Of course, you can’t make it a lean mean boomcar but upgrading engine, tires and booster is possible. Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice it becomes a whole lot easier to finish first. Buying a completely new car is also an option but those are pretty pricey.

The graphics are truly amazing. At first I expected them to be so-so but that judgment was quickly killed. The little cars shine in the sun and dusty after a desert ride. The levels also contain beautiful surroundings and the whole game is accompanied by different genres of music while the cars themselves sound realistic. After a while the sounds do tend to get repetitive though.

Once having struggled through the 10 different levels you can do a quick race against an opponent on a track of your choice or you could choose to do a “Ghost Race” which is some kind of time trial where you try to beat your own record. The game may be nice but I doubt it can keep you occupied for a long time as 10 tracks isn’t really a lot and the gameplay is just a tad too slow to make the time trials fun.

You can of course occupy yourself with the multiplayer mode but unfortunately there’s no online mode, only split-screen and lan-play are available options. Split-screen hardly is any fun on pc and setting up a lan isn’t something you do in a minute either… if there had been online play this game would have had a much longer lasting curve as it could have brought a lot of competitive joy to gamers but for now it’s just a fun racer.

RC Cars is an enjoyable game that will give you a fun time but not for too long. If a decent multiplayer mode had been present, this game would have gotten a lot more points…

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