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Recruit, The

Colin Farrell is computer wizard James Clayton who one day gets approached by a headhunter of the CIA called Walter Burke (Pacino). Burke manages to convince Clayton that he’s perfect for a job at the agency and little later Clayton arrives at The Farm, a secret training camp of the CIA. The training is extremely hard but there’s one lightpoint: the very attractive Layla Moore. Both feel attracted to each other but also use each other to finish the training. Little later, James gets expelled from the training after a rather nasty incident but gets contacted by Burke again. Apparantly everything was a test to prepare him for becoming a Non-Official Cover agent. But is this indeed the truth ? Who can he trust ?

Sound and Vision:
Although not the original image as in the theaters, the 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen is sharp, has decent contrast and shadow detail, good color use, solid level of black. Only major problem is in fact that certain scenes have quite some edge enhancement which we really don’t like.

The soundtrack is warm and dynamic with lots of use of the subwoofer while the front speakers add to the atmosphere and the rear surround speakers are actively used for effects and music, sometimes in split surround.

Roger Donaldson and Colin Farrell tell all about the making of the movie in an audio commentary track after which you can check out a feature where an ex-CIA agent tells about one of the secret training camps of the agency. A VERY interesting feature. Deleted scenes are of course also present and you can check all four of them with or without commentary from Roger Donaldson and Colin Farrell.

The Recruit is a decent thriller with an interesting plot and good actors that carry it without a problem. Technically things are alright and the CIA feature in the extras is very interesting. Good stuff, definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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