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Red Dwarf I: Season 1

After a radiation leak, the entire crew of the space ship Red Dwarf I has died. Except for Dave Lister (Craig Charles) who was put into stasis after the ship’s captain discovered he had smuggled a cat on board.

Three million years later, the radiation has disappeared and Lister is released from the stasis chamber by the ship’s computer, Holly. As he sets course to Earth, Lister’s only companions are Holly, the ship’s computer with an enormous IQ, the hologram of his colleague Rimmer (Barrie) with whom whe never got along, and Cat, the mutated offspring from the cat he had brought on board.

Sound and Vision:
The first season of the series is quite old but the image is still quite well cleaned up. The colors are a bit pale but from what I can remember from seeing it on TV, it was like that already when it was first aired.

The sound isn’t anything special. Dialogues are clear and understandable, but that’s about all there is to say about it. Seeing that this is comedy with words for 99% of the time, that doesn’t pose a problem though.

– Deleted Scenes
– Bonus Commentary Episode 1
– Isolated Music Cues
– Photo Gallery
– Model Shots
– Japanese Episode
– Outtakes
– Trailer
– Launching Red Dward (making of)
– Drunk Featurette

Most of the extras aren’t really great, but the Making of and Drunk Featurette are worth checking out.

Red Dwarf I is a parody on sci-fi series and as such you don’t have to expect any hi-tech stuff. Instead, Red Dwarf I is a great British comedy that is still running (it started in 1988) and even has a movie in the making.

The fact that there are only three characters with a couple of side-characters that show up once in a while would make you think the amount of comic setups would be limited, but still the crew manages to keep things funny all the time. However, this isn’t a series that will make you laugh so hard that you’ll fall from the bench. Instead, think of this more as a series that you find extremely funny when talking about it with other people. The dialogues and interactions between the characters (including even talking toasters) are quite hilarious and the fact that there hardly seems to be a point to anything makes things even better.

On the technical side there isn’t much we can say. It’s all very standard and the extras aren’t so great either. On the other hand, this 2-disc version Season One does come at a very low price.

Our Score:

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