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Red Eye

Lisa Reigert (McAdams) is manager at a luxury hotel. When she comes back from a funeral, her flight is delayed at the airport but to pass the time, the very charming Jack (Murphy) is there to keep her company. When the passengers are finally able to board the plane, to Lisa’s surprise, Jack is sitting next to her. Things look to become really fun until Jack tells her that she has to make a call to her hotel and move a powerful politician to another room so an attempt on his life can be made. If she doesn’t comply, her father will not live to see another day…

Sound and Vision:
the image quality is decent without compression errors and sharp detail.

The Dolby 5.1 track is very impressive, in fact one of the best I’ve heard lately. All channels are used at optimal and also the subwoofer gets a very decent part of the action.

– First off is a Making Of which starts pretty promotional but quickly moves to deliver some actually interesting info on how the movie was created. Interviews with cast & crew are of course also present
– Second in line is Wes Craven: A New kind of Thriller which looks a lot like an addition to the Making Of but continues on the promotional path we saw in the beginning of the first feature. Eveyone loves working together with everyone and yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill
– Audio commentary track
– Trailer of “Made in Heaven”

Director Wes Craven is known for his horror movies but this time he goes for the thriller. A change of genre so to speak. At first things work out pretty great actually, and Craven manages to keep te tension tight and the viewer interested. Especially the scenes in the airplane are definitely worth watching. Unfortunately, Craven couldn’t resist his background and halfway through the movie he switches over to another Scream-variant that totally makes all the previous tension disappear into thin air. All in All, Red Eye is an entertaining thriller that keeps the viewer interested but it could have been a lot better if Wes Craven hadn’t gone for his usual routine and kept going the way he started out with this movie.

Universal has done a decent job with the extras (the Making Of is quite interesting) and both image and sound are very good

Our Score:

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