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Red Faction: Guerrilla

Those who have heard of Red Faction: Guerrilla already will immediately think of destruction. Claims have always been made that everything could be destroyed in the game’s environment but we tend to think “see first, believe later”. And if the devs have spoken the truth, will the game have anything more to offer?

The story of Red Faction: Guerrilla starts with the arrival of Alec Mason on Mars. After seeing his brother Daniel again it becomes clear that the situation on Mars isn’t as good as Alec though. Daniel gets killed by the Earth Defence Force (EDF) but luckily Alec (you) get saved by the Red Faction. This group resists the EDF and asks Alec to join. Out of revenge for his brother he agrees and that’s where the adventure starts.

The tactics of the Red Faction are already named in the title of the game: guerilla. Mars is divided into six regions and the Red Faction try to liberate them one after the other. A handy map shows Alec where the most important points of EDF are. The less points remain, the stronger EDF will control the area. Several weapons can be found and the game reminds of GTA a bit as there’s quite a lot of liberty present. Cars can be stolen and you get to choose yourself when, where and how you attack EDF.

One of the possibilities to hurt EDF is by destroying their buildings and you’ll quickly notice this is the most important aspect of the game. With a sledgehammer walls crumble easily but also explosives come in handy. Afterwards seeing a tower collapse certainly gives some satisfaction but this gets used just a bit too much to remain interesting.

The other missions aren’t really anything special. Liberate prisoners, defend a certain building or piece of land, … we’ve seen it all before. As you decide yourself which mission to do first there’s still some variation present but it has as disadvantage that you don’t really get the feeling that the Red Faction is a real group. The characters after a mission are immediately forgotten and also the surroundings of Mars don’t really get noticed. A region always has the same color and similar houses and buildings.

Next to singleplayer there’s also off- and online multiplayer. Offline the idea is to do as much damage possible in a certain amount of time. Online the multiplay luckily is a bit deeper. The available modes are the usual ones like Team Deathmatch but what happens while playing is quite a lot of fun. Through “backpacks” special abilities are given to players like jet packs, shock waves around a player, … and of course everything remains destructible which makes hiding behind a wall kinda pointless. However, this also leads to chaos sometimes, just like in the singleplayer. When debris falls all around you off a roof it’s sometimes hard to find your orientation back.

Red Faction: Guerilla does what it promised: those that love bashing stuff and watching buildings collapse will have a ton of fun with this game. Mars is a large area that can be traversed with different vehicles and the destruction possibilities also offer a nice addition to the multiplayer. Although the singleplayer mode is quite long it does tend to get repetitive after a while.

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