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Reeker SE

Five teenagers head off to a rave in the desert. When they find out that one of them, Trip, has XTC with him, Gretchen, the driver, decides to kick him out of the car. They head back to the last motel they encountered but when arriving there, the car stops and doesn’t want to start again. All five are now trapped at the station/motel which suddenly seems to be deserted. While waiting for help, they start seeing strange visions of dead people and little later, they start getting slaughtered one by one.

Sound and Vision:
We get some edge enhancement and grain in the image but other than that, the overall quality is pretty decent. At times you get to see strange “waves” in the picture but these are intentional and have to show a certain smell of death.

The sound is decent with use of the surround channels and subwoofer for support while dialogues are clear and well-positioned at the center speaker. Nothing specific to say about the sound for the rest. As said: decent.

– Making Of: 11 minute promo feature with short interviews from cast & crew combined with movie footage
– Behind the Scenes: typical B-roll
– Interviews: the same interviews as in the Making Of but a bit longer
– Trailers
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Film Clips

Reeker is a perfect example of the traditional slasher movie without any (and I mean ANY) originality. Not one single part of this movie hasn’t been seen in another film and even the plot manages to have some flaws (the intro doesn’t really add up to the rest of the movie). The movie is filled with tons of cliches, average acting, bad comedy (as in: not funny), mediocre special effects and the whole just smells like a cheap production made for cashing in quickly. The same can be said for what Dutch Filmworks has done with the DVD. The package is nice, but the content is less. The technical quality is decent, and the box looks good, but the extras are the usual crap we get from this publisher. A possible rental tip for the biggest fans of slasher movies but the rest of the world would do best to stay away from this one to avoid disappointment

Our Score:

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