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Regarding Henry

Henry Turner (Ford) is a ruthless lawyer in New York who has always put his career first and therefore has ruined his family life. When one night he gets shot in the head and shoulder by a robber while buying a pack of sigarettes, he has to go to the hospital in critical condition. When he comes by, he has severe brain damage and can’t remember anything anymore but with the help of his trainer Bradley, he recovers and manages to get some of his abilities back. When he returns home however, he meets someone he doesn’t particularly like: his old self.

Sound and Vision:
The film was cut in an 1.78:1 aspect ratio while the original movie had 1.85:1 but still things look reasonable. There’s quite some grain present which causes the amount of detail to deteriate aswell as having a negative effect on the sharpness of the image but the color use is good which is nice for a movie from 1991. There’s some occasional damage on the film while also edge enhancement and alisiasing are sporadically also viewable.

The original movie had Stereo sound which for the dvd has been encoded in a 5.1 track but don’t expect anything from the surround channels as they are hardly used. As stated: there’s a 5.1 track, but only the original stereo stound is encoded in it without any special effects. Only the music from time to time uses the rear speakers for some extra atmosphere. The dialogues are clear and well-positioned at the center speaker with the music coming nicely from the front speakers. The subwoofer isn’t used at all.


Regarding Henry is set up as a budget release for Paramount’s “Stars on Sale” series and quite achieves its goal: image and sound are decent (although nothing extraordinary) and the movie itself is pretty good. Sadly there are no extras, but you shouldn’t expect any on a budget release

Our Score:

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