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Reign of Fire

During works on the London subway, the young Quinn sees his mom get killed by an ancient predator which has come back to life. 20 years later, dragons are ruling the earth and humanity has to live in hiding to survive. Quinn has grown up and leads a small community when one day a group of former US army men stand at the gate. Van Zan, the leader of the bunch, has a couple of tanks and a helicopter at his disposal and he wants to go back to London to kill the male dragon that is hiding there which is also the one that killed Quinn’s mother. When his expedition fails, he returns back to Quinn who also has been under attack. Both men now see that they will have to work together if they want to survive.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good but from time to time there’s a bit too much grain present. Colors are pale but that’s probably done intentionally to create the atmosphere of a desolate landscape. Also some minor aliasing is present but not really disturbing.

The soundtrack is magnificent. The dragons fly around your ears as if they were in your living room and so does the helicopter. The surround channels and subwoofer are really well-used and come into action very often. Still, the dialogues are not overthrown by this impressive use of effects and are crystal clear. Really great !

There’s two short documentaries which give us some insight behind the special effects and the production after which we can check out an interview with director Rob Bowman. Last up there’s a couple of trailers.

A relaxing science fiction movie which could have used a better script (one dragon comes to life and 20 years later all of earth is populated with them ? How did that one dragon reproduce itself ???) and some better dialogues. The dvd is pretty good with a phenomenal soundtrack and decent image quality. The extras could have been a bit more but suffice for this movie

Our Score:

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