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Relative Strangers

Richard Clayton has a terrific life. He’s the son of two rich parents, has a successful career as a psychiatrist with a book that’s about to hit the bestseller lists, and he’s about to get married with the gorgious Ellen. Then the bomb falls: his parents tell him he’s in fact adopted. This is quite a surprise for Richard but being the man he is, he hires a detective to search for his biological parents. Little later, the detective calls back with news that he’s found them and they set up a meeting. Richard believes his real parents will be much like himself but instead, they’re like hillbillies…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing to complain about image and sound quality. This is a comedy so don’t expect too many effects but all in all the transfer to DVD was done pretty good without any specific irritating compression errors.


Relative Strangers has a pretty decent cast with Danny DeVito, Cathy Bates, Neve Campbell, Beverly D’Angelo, Edward Herrmann (from The Gilmore Girls) and also a short appearance by Ed Begley Jr. and this makes me wonder: did all these people really need money urgently? This comedy twice managed to bring a faint sense of a smile on my face and that’s it. There’s really not a lot to laugh about as everything is so slapstick and over-the-top that it isn’t funny anymore. Jim Carrey made a career with over-the-top acting but somehow he does manage to make it funny while the people here really don’t. Maybe it’s the storyline? Well, everything is predictable as always with a comedy but some originality wouldn’t have hurt. I doubt there’s one joke present that I haven’t seen in any other movie before. Or is it the fact that we get a great supporting cast but the main character has as much comedy in his vains as a wooden door? I guess that might explain quite a lot. Ron Livingston is all but funny.

All in all, those looking for a no-brain-activity-necessary comedy with all the usual elements and without any originality MAY find some fun in watching this but I suggest everyone else to keep away. At best, you may try renting it to see whether you like it or not (and that probably says more about you than about the movie – unless you’re 12 years old, I can imagine kids will love it)

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