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Repo Men

Remy and Jake are two friends working as Repo Men for The Union, a company that sells highly sophisticated mechanical organs. These organs are very good, but also very expensive and when you can’t pay your bill, The Union will send repo men who will reclaim the property with no regards to your wellbeing. Remy is one of the best repo men in the business, but when he his heart gets a cardiac arrest due to his defibrillator malfunctioning at his last job, he finds himself awakening in the hospital with the company’s top-of-the-line heart-replacement in his chest. And a huge debt alongside it.

He goes back to work, but suddenly starts to realise that there’s another side to his job: reclaiming also means killing people, and being on the other side of the fence, his morals start acting up, making it impossible for him to continue his job as repo man. As he falls behind on payments he realises that he doesn’t have much longer before one of his former colleagues will come after him, but when he meets Beth, a woman also on the run for the repo men, he gets convinced there’s only one way out: getting out of the system before they get found.

Sound and Vision:
The transfer of this movie is filled with lots of detail, has good contrast, and vivid colors. However, there are issues that pop up randomly like loss of detail here and there, some aliasing, some ringing around edges, black levels suddenly getting too bright, … All in all the transfer is pretty decent, but has random hickups that make it stray away from reference quality.

The sound can be described with one word: loud. For an action movie this is a compliment, but when every detail is equally loud it can be a bit over the top. Still, dialogues are clear, the track is truly immersive with good placing of all effects and the subwoofer goes to great lengths to support it all with plenty of bass.

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When I first heard about Repo Men and saw the first trailers, I started to really look forward to it. This was a movie that could have had it all: a great cast, a terrific storyline that combines action with comedy ànd have a deeper sense of moral than the average action hero flick. Unfortunately, it fails.

Repo Men is Sapchnik first feature movie as a director but we’ve seen other movies where such a disadvantage gets made up by the cast doing a great job and a storyline that’s strong enough on itself. However, here neither make up for the lack of an experienced director. The market of donor organs seems to have completely gone away in exchange for mechanical implants that almost nobody seems to be able to pay which results in the recipients getting killed when the company reclaims its property. If you think about that, this doesn’t sound realistic one bit as pretty quickly the company making these implants would run out of clients, don’t you think?

Secondly, the characters are typical archetypes from action movies while the cast doesn’t do much to make them anything more. Law goes from killing “customers” to killing former colleagues, which leaves little to like him. Meanwhile, Whitaker acts like he’s a psychopath who’s got no moral what so ever and can’t even imagine there’s something wrong with what he’s doing. Talk about cardboard characters! And then we haven’t even gone into detail about the rest of the cast. As a result, Repo Men tries to bring forth a moral dilemma but fails miserably and what you’re left with is a brainless action movie that follows rather traditional paths without ever making a lasting impression. Except for maybe a fight scene here and there that contains some minor flashes of originality.

Not that Repo Men is all-out bad. It’s just not what it could have been. If you’re looking for a simple action flick, this one will entertain you for a little while. Just don’t expect it to be more than what it is.

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