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Reservoir Dogs

A bunch of criminals are being brought together by a man called Joe to do a robbery on a diamond store. Everything has been planned up to the smallest detail, but when one of the gangsters starts shooting and the cops arrive on the scene faster than expected, a big shootout occurs. The surviving gangsters flee to the rendez-vous point and start thinking about who could be the one that ratted them out to the cops.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is good with only a few minor compression errors and edge enhancement. No grain is present and color balance and contrast are fine.

Too bad that we didn’t get a Dolby Digital 5.1 track but only 2.0. The reason for this is that the original movie was filmed in stereo but seeing that the film mostly turns around dialogues, this isn’t really a problem.

We get a short “introduction by Quentin Tarantino” which has the director himself talk a bit about his first movie and to be honest: it’s pretty funny to see the guy talk about Reservoir Dogs and his impression of Harvey Keitel is superb šŸ™‚ Next to the we have the trailer and also there’s a hidden feature which is a full 25 minute interview with Tarantino.

Reservoir Dogs is the debut of Tarantino and can easily be compared with Pulp Fiction. We don’t get to see the robbery itself, nor the actual cruelty that happens in some scenes. The whole story is told by using flashbacks and that makes the movie very interesting to see.Reservoir Dogs was an instant classic and still remains one of the better gangster films of this era.

Our Score:

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