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Resident Evil 2

A remake of the original RE2? No a rerelease actually because it doesn’t seem to be remade, just repackaged for the GC.

Not a bad thing though.

Now, the hard part about talking about this game is: we’re seeing “old” technology on a last-gen console, so I can not judge it’s graphics and sounds etc.

For people who have never played the original (on the psx and pc) the graphics could come off a bit outdated but hey, that’s what we had back then and millions found it to be enough. So years later, who are you to judge the graphics of such an excellent game? 😉

The story (which is exactly the same as in the psx and pc counterpart — because it IS the same game) Lets you play as Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.
Each having their own unique storyline succeeding eachoter. You find yourself in Raccoon city and overrun by zombies. So you try to survive.

The tagline “If the suspence doesn’t kill you, something else will” is rather appropriate for a game like RE2, which has a very authentic feeling to it when compared to it’s more modern counterparts (such as RE0). The controls are also a lot better than in the sequels on the GC.

When we come to the gameplay: what is worse than running away from a horde of zombies? running away from a horde of zombies without a weapon!

The suck-factor of having only 2 bullets in a room filled with zombies is without doubt off the scale. “Oh my God!” you will think,”where the hell did that come from?” when you’re slaughtered once again (if you’re a bad gamer like me :p) and you will curse capcom for creating a game such as this.

But rest assured, you will not stop playing it. The zombies control you! The urge to kill every one of them with a shotgun is huge but quickly sinks to unknown depths when grotesque mutated creatures leap at you when you have nothing but a knife to defend your life.

Fragland declares:
Everyone who has never played this game and owns a gamecube is hereby ordered to go buy a copy. If you own a PSX, and you haven’t played RE2 yet, you are hereby declared to be a poor man’s excuse for a gamer.

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