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Resident Evil: Dead Aim

Resident Evil: Dead Aim isn’t a common Resident Evil game. Dead Aim is member of the G-Con series. These games, which use the serperately available PS2 gun, don’t have a great reputation when it comes to gameplay, tention, addiction, … Still I hopelessly went searching for a positive point in Resident Evil: Dead Aim. Unfortunately I didn’t find any worth mentioning. Thus, here’s my review of Dead Aim, or otherwise said: “How to fuck a promising title as Resident Evil ?”

“How do I fuck up a promising title as Resident Evil ?”
Capcom did this the following way: they took a reasonable story, mixed it with brainless gameplay, added a snuff of prehistorically dumb AI and finished it with a topping of extremely boring and ugly surroundings. Indeed, not a positive word from me about this joke and I have my reasons for that.

I’ll start with the story which is actually the best part of the game. You take the role of Bruce McGivern. This agent has been battling the Umbrella Corporation for a while already because they’re the creators of the famous T-virus but disaster o disaster: the virus has been stolen by a man called Morpheus who now is hiding inside a by him hijacked cruise ship. It’s up to you to get the virus back and bring it to a safer place.

Dead Aim is mainly played in Third Person view, this way you can explore the ship and solve some simplistic puzzles. To kill zombies however, you need to switch to first person view. In theory, this combination seems good and playable but in practice this is completely different. I found it extremely frustrating having to change between my controller and gun all the time, although “all the time” is a bit too much as action is something that isn’t omnipresent in this title.

When it is there (the action), it was another point of annoyance. Capcom didn’t find it necessary to adjust the impact of bullets on the different body parts which results in the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you shoot a zombie between the eyes or in one of its toes… a small detail which I find of great importance…

Resident Evil is known for its extraordinary and atmospheric graphics but that’s without counting Dead Aim. Everything looks dark and aged while the zombies look to have run away from Legoland, to put it mildly. I was shocked the first time I saw a framedrop… incredible how you can let a PS2 sweat with so little pixels. Capcom really shows us a pice of great coding here ! I must say however, that the cut-scenes are of great quality, unfortunately they are nothing more than a piece of fruit in a basket filled with shit and they can not make up for the many downpoints.

That sound impacts greatly on the atmosphere is something they probably overlooked while creating this monstrocity. More that your own footsteps, growning zombies and gun shots you won’t hear while playinf Dead Aim. On top of that, the voice acting sounds dull and makes the characters hardly believable.

Dead Aim managed to bore me from beginning to end. Never ever have I played such a piece of crap on the PS2. The thought that Dead Aim seems to be the best part of the G-Con series makes my stomache turn in agony.

I love the Resident Evil series, each one of the games being a real treat and clustering a gamer on his TV. That’s the reason why I find it scandalous that this game wears the Resident Evil brand. Most of all I would take this disc, scratch off the words Resident Evil with a key to afterwards put it in my microwave for it to die a painful death (the fact that my microwave would die as well is purely circumstancial).

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