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Resident Evil: Extinction

The T-virus has taken over almost all of the world and the earth is ruled by zombie people and animals. Alice has managed to escape the city and is running around in the Nevada desert, evading the satellites from the Umbrella Corporation that are still on the lookout for her. A couple of Umbrella Hives are still operational, working on a cure, and it looks like Alice’s DNS may be the key to finding one. However, their experiments with Alice clones hasn’t brought them much closer to a solution just yet.

One night, Alice finds out that her abilities are still growing but this comes at the expense of her motorcycle so that she has to team up with a convoy of remaining survivors, including old friends L.J. and Carlos, in order to get transportation. During her travels she’s come across a diary that suggests that there are still some places on Earth that aren’t exposed to the T-virus so they set off to one of those, namely Alaska. However, there’s not enough fuel to complete the trip so the convoy decides to go to Las Vegas where they can replenish their reserves but unfortunately, Alice has been spotted by an Umbrella satellite and the local Hive scientist, Dr. Isaacs, is determined to get his hands on Alice by any means necessary even if this means unleashing a horde of pumped up zombies on her and her friends…

Sound and Vision:
When it comes to image quality, this dvd really shines. No compression errors what so ever, plenty of detail and very good contrast. The movie does look very stylized with a lot of warm and brown tints in the desert scenes while the Hive parts are very cool with blue and green tints. Also some closeups of the female actresses look a bit glossy.

Also the soundtrack excells with an aggressive ambiance that puts you right in the middle of the action. Lots of use of the surround speakers and subwoofer while the front speakers do a great job and the dialogues remain crystal clear.


Resident Evil: Extinction is the third part in the RE-series and if you look at the ending a fourth movie is all but wishful thinking. Let’s just hope that if it gets made, it will be better than this one.

Extinction borrows a lot from other movies and lacks any originality. The attack from the crows leads to think about The Birds, Las Vegas under the sand reminds of Planet of the Apes, the Hive scenes could almost just as well been used in Cube, and for the rest you’ll constantly be wondering when Mad Max shows up. And for me personally, the look & feel isn’t the only thing that Resident Evil has in common with the Mad Max series. The first movie was great, the second enjoyable, and part three is rather boring with mostly focus on action without substance. Not that we mind action though. We tend to love watching asskicking, zombie slaughter fests and more of that kind, but some depth wouldn’t have hurt. Now you’ll just sit in your chair wondering when something of any significance is going to happen and the scenes in between all the fighting don’t really help with that at all.

As is often the case, the third part in the series is the worst yet. Let’s hope number four will revive Resident Evil as otherwise I would gladly see Alice being turned into a zombie as well.

Our Score:

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