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Return of the Killer Tomatoes

10 years after the great Tomato war, the crazy professor Gangreen continues his investigation on tomatoes and how he can use them to become leader of the world. Tara, a tomato women, escapes the evil claws of Gangreen and ends up in the hands of pizza delivery boy Chad who instantly falls in love with her. Together with Chad and his friend Matt, Tara starts the battle against Gangreen who is getting very close to succeeding in his evil plot. Will they be fast enough to stop the red danger ?

Sound and Vision:
In 1998, John De Bello created this sequel to the cult movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and as we’re used from low budget cult horror flics, the image quality contains quite some grain aswell as having rather pale colors.

The soundtrack only scarsely uses the front side speakers and most of the time everything is just coming out of the center speaker. We’ve heard worse.


Return of the Killer Tomatoes is the ultimate cult movie when it comes to comic horror. The acting is reasonable but the plot is so outrageous that you can’t help but laugh with it. Lovers of cult horror cannot let this one go by. People looking for serious stuff should pass on this one.

Our Score:

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