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Return of the Living Dead Part 2

When an army truck loses a container near a small town, a couple of boys that are up to no good find and open it. With that action they bring disaster upon their community as in the can was one of the last living dead and the smoke that escaped with opening it brings back the dead in a nearby graveyard. In no time, the town is overwhelmed by dead people that want nothing else than brains…

Sound and Vision:
Warner did a nice job cleaning up the picture as there is hardly any print damage left. Still, the overall quality is mediocre due to the lack of detail and the multitude of scenes that are too soft. Compression errors weren’t spotted.

The 2.0 soundtrack delivers decent dialogues but other than that we can’t really say we were impressed. This is a low budget movie and it shows in all aspects.

– Audio commentary by director Ken Wiederhorn and actor Thor Van Lingen

Ok, if you don’t like Zombie/Gore Horror movies that don’t take themselves seriously, stop reading and never think of this movie again. Now that those people have left, let me tell you that Return of the Living Dead Part 2 continues on the same line as the original which means lots of gore, lots of bad jokes and overall bad acting. But hey, that’s what we need in this type of movies and RotLD2 does it perfectly. The soundtrack isn’t as good as in the original, and there are some minor inconsistencies in the storyline compared to the original movie, but who cares ? Just is a fun movie in the “classic gore comedy horror” genre 🙂

Our Score:

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