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Return to House on Haunted Hill

After her sister alledgedly committed suicide, Ariel Wolfe and her friend Paul get kidnapped by a man called Desmond and his goons who are after a long lost statue of Bapthomet that supposedly is located somewhere in the house on haunted hill. Together with the diary of Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt which Ariel received, they start their search to find out that another researcher, Dr. Richard Hammer, and his assistant Kyle are also already at the house looking for the statue. Then things turn for the worse as the house wakes up, goes in self-defense mode so that nobody can get out, and the ghost wake up to give the living a hand in passing to their realm…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing bad to be said about the image and sound. This direct-to-DVD release has exactly the quality you can expect from a recent release which means no irritating compression errors, good contrast, no print damage or grain and a decent amount of detail.

The sound is nice as well with subtle use of the surround speakers and subwoofer, but nothing extraordinary.

The extras are in line with the movie in such a way that the different characters give some explanation about what makes them tick in the “character confessions” while “The Search for an Idol” has Dr. Richard Hammer giving some more background about the statue of Baphomet as well as his search for it. Quite nice in fact!

Last up there are some additional scenes and a music video by Mushroomhead (Simple Survival)

It doesn’t take long to understand why Return to the House on Haunted Hill was direct-to-DVD. The script is a simplistic version of “Tomb Raider meets any slashermovie”, the acting is quite ridiculous at times, and although the special effects aren’t too bad, we’ve seen it all before. In the end there’s nothing that makes this movie stand out of the crowd in any way (it isn’t even bad enough to become funny again) so unless you really haven’t got anything else to do I don’t see a reason to buy this dvd. If you’re a totally over-the-top horror fanatic, maybe you might want to rent it, but even then…

Our Score:

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