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Reviews: 007 Legends kinda sucks

Activision and Eurocom have released their latest take on James Bond, 007: Legends, but while the game was supposed to be a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the British spy’s movie life, it seems it’s more like a funeral than a birthday party.

The first reviews have started appearing and while everyone was hoping to get a return to the glorious days of the original Nintendo64 title Goldeneye, it seems it’s more a confused Call of Duty version of Bond.

An overview:

  • Official Xbox Magazine: 60
  • Gamesradar: 50
  • IGN: 45
  • Joystiq: 40
  • GiantBomb: 40
  • GameInformer: 40
  • Eurogamer: 30

It seems even the simplest classic things that are part of the Bond franchise haven’t been kept and Eurogamer sums it up quite clearly:

…deep in Goldfinger’s lair, you meet Pussy Galore. She asks you your name and you simply reply: “James Bond”. That’s it. Nothing else. From this point it’s clear that in terms of being a shooter, 007 Legends is dismal – but in terms of being an actual James Bond game, it’s a genuine insult.

In case you don’t get it: when James is asked for his name, he’s supposed to answer “Bond. James Bond”.

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