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After 7 years, Jake gets to leave prison as fully trained conman and he’s eager to get back at the man that put him there: Dorothy Macca. Macca runs a casino and Jake is keen to make sure he leaves it with a lot more money than when he came in. His plan succeeds, but Macca doesn’t like loosing and sends a hitman after him.

Sound and Vision:
There are a couple of white dots present but overall the amount of detail, decent contrast, vivid colors and nice level of black make this a good transfer.

The DTS track is great with subtle use of the surround channels and good work for the subwoofer while at no point the dialogues get interfered.

A short Making Of that has some behind the scenes footage and nicely adds to the overall dvd but unfortunately, that’s it.

Guy Ritchie has had some great successes like Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. The atmosphere of his movies has been one of the big things that make them great, but personally I found Revolver a bit over the top. It’s like Ritchie didn’t quite knew where he wanted to go with this movie and this resulted in so many different plot twists that even Ritchie himself seems to have lost the red line. Still, I’m sure some people will like the overly “strange” atmosphere of this film.

On the technical side we can applaude Universal for bringing yet again a great transfer with decent image quality and fantastic sound that for once comes in the form of a DTS track. We want to have more like that! On the extras I was a bit disappointed as there’s only a short Making Of and nothing more.

Our Score:

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