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Ridge Racer 3D

Ridge Racer 3D is the Ridge Racer we know so well but in three dimensions and on the brand new Nintendo 3DS. That means you get the same gameplay, including the accompanying pros and cons. Which those are is what we’ll tell you below.

As always the game is all about driving ridiculously fast with polished cars over asphalt tracks where corners decide between win or loose. You’ll have to take just about every turn at top speed and that means drifting like in no other game and keeping an eye on the competition through your side window.

The good news is that this works very well and is easy to learn, while it still delivers enough challenge after quite a lot of hours of racing. Because that element alone would make for quite a thin experience, there’s also some tactics thanks to the possibility to boost, an extra that you need to time carefully and can build up in three levels which each also offer more boost. Also you can go sit in an opponent’s slipstream to gain more speed, take them over and land at the front of the car pack faster.

These other cars aren’t planning to give you an easy win. They don’t hesitate to push you off the road so it’s not unimportant to pick the right car (choose between control and speed) and add some upgrades which give you for instance more boost. Upgrades are unlocked by earning points (and new tracks and cars) in the career mode which is built very classically around different events that contain a number of races.

Next to the standard mode, which takes some time to finish but offers too little variation, you can also compete in seperate events and race against time. Multiplayer is also present but unfortunately enough only locally so you’ll need to have a lot of friends in order to find this valuable.

Whether this game is worth a purchase depends a lot of what you’re looking for. If you don’t find Ridge Racer as such interesting, then you can easily let this one pass. The 3D graphics do add some fun and the feeling of speed definitely profits from it, but the visuals aren’t overly appealing or spectacular as the cars and surroundings look too boring and square. We’ve grown used to better stuff these days. True fans will find more of the same and won’t be disappointed thanks to the good controls and the decent – though still very arcade – gameplay of Ridge Racer 3D.

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