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Riding the Bullet

When Alan’s girlfriend breaks up with him on his birthday, his attraction towards death brings him to try committing suicide, but luckily for him, his friends decided to surprise him and throw him a surprise party. When he’s recovered, he gets a call from his mother’s neighbour who informs him she’s had a seizure and asks when he plans on visiting. He decides to leave immediately and starts hitchhiking. On his way he’s confronted with his own thoughts but that’s not all. Everything and everyone he meets seems to be strange until he arrives at a graveyard and gets himself knocked out. When he comes by, a car stops and he jumps in. The driver is George Staub, a man who recently died in a car accident and it seems George hasn’t stopped for no reason. He’s come to give Alan a choice: his life for his mother’s…

Sound and Vision:
We get reasonable image quality without compression errors or damage. The sound itself is nothing special, the 2.0 track delivers understandable dialogues but hardly does anything more.


I’ll admit it: I’m a big fan of Stephen King. I’ve read almost all of his books, seen all of the movies based on his stories, and that even includes all TV-miniseries. What have I found out after so many hours of reading and watching King’s creations? Although there are some good movies based on his work (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Misery, …), most of the movies are total crap. While his writing can really be gripping, movie makers seem to be capable of destroying everything he wrote.

The latest movie to undergo this treatment is Riding the Bullet. While the short story takes you on a mad tour like you’re on a rollercoaster, the movie has a pace so slow that you’d rather think you’re doing a tour through the Louvre. Not even one moment you get the idea that something needs to be done quick. Really rubbish! There’s one good moment though. The end conclusion said by the protagonist of the story is really great, but it doesn’t manage to uplift the film. Director Mick Garris previously worked on the TV series The Shining, The Stand and the movie Sleepwalkers. You would think he would know how to make something out of a King story. Unfortunately, he completely screws up here. Again, this is a missed chance to make a great movie based on a fantastic short story…

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