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1)Has a publisher for Riftrunner already been found now that CDV wasn’t interested any longer ?

We are working with a number of publishers in the different territories, several of them partners who also worked on Divine Divinity. We will leave it up to them to announce the fact that they’ll be doing Riftrunner.

2)On the Riftrunner website we see a Dark Knight chained to a long haired young man (the player, according to the story), does this mean that we won’t be able to choose a female character to play with this time ?

The player will be able to choose a female character to play with. This will however not have a significant effect on the game other than the looks. The player will also be able to play as a child.

3)Will the player be able to return to certain areas from Divine Divinity (e.g. Rivertown or Aleroth) since Riftrunner takes place 20 years after the events in Divine Divinity ?

Yes, the player will re-visit some areas of Divinity 1, but we won’t spoil it by telling which ones. I can tell you however that it will be nice to see what has happened to Rivellon over the years. The main part of the game will be played in completely new areas, so there are plenty of new things to explore.

4)Will we meet some old friends from Divine Divinity in the game ?

Of course – For instance, there’s a certain imp who took something from you in Divinity 1 who will be making his introductions to you in Riftrunner too 😉

5)About the minimum system requirements now, will they be higher than those from Divine Divinity because of the graphical improvements ? Or is it still too early to talk about that ?

Not massively. The system specs for Divinity were very low, which meant it was accessible to more people. For Riftrunner we’ve graphically enhanced the Divinity engine. We’ve ported it to DirectX9, which has allowed us more creative freedom, and also meant that we eliminated the few incompatibility problems that arose with Divinity 1. We’ve also included real time 3D characters, added a lot of glitter in the magic effects, allowed higher resolutions and included the ability to zoom in when playing at those higher resolutions. Nothing too groundbreaking but good enough to make the game hold its own. It’s still all very scalable so the minimum system specs aren’t all that high.

6)How big will Riftrunner be, with the implemented random quest generator and unlimited new character development ? And does this mean players will be able to reach an extremely high level ?

The pre-made world of Riftrunner will be roughly the same size, but with the additional randomly generated maps and quests it will become a lot bigger. As for the character development system, it is too soon to give a lot of information about that.

7)Will there be various ways to finish the game ? And could there be different endings ?

There will only be 1 ending to the game, but the player is free to a certain extent to go through the game as he wishes. There are of course certain goals every player will have to achieve, that is what having a main story is all about, but there will be lots of optional things to do and different ways of solving certain problems, just like there was in Divinity 1. Another reason for the 1 ending is because this story is part of a larger one which started in Divinity 1, and will continue in Divinity 2.

8.Is Larian planning to develop other, non-CRPG, games (e.g. like the RTS L.E.D. Wars some time ago), or would you guys rather stick with CRPG’s ?

We have toyed with the idea of developing a strategy title, and even have an outline concept brewing in the background, but really our time and minds are fully focused on developing the Divinity Universe and another secret project, which we haven’t announced yet. So the answer is not in the foreseeable future.

Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed yet, we also got our hands on 5 exclusive screenshots from Riftrunner. Yay !

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