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Ring 2, The

Rachel Keller and her son Aidan have moved away from Seattle to forget the terror they’ve experienced with the killer videotapes. However, evil is only around the corner as six months after the original killings, a young student gets killed in much the same way as those in Seattle. As Rachel starts to investigate to see whether her suspicions are correct and that Samara is still killing people, Samara finds her and Aidan. To make things even worse, it becomes clear that Samara wants to be in a real body again and wants to possess Aidan to do so…

Sound and Vision:
We get lots of detail and no compression errors in the image but some people might not like the fact that certain scenes (especially the “inside TV”-ones) are filled with intentional grain. This is part of the movie though so you’ll have to live with it and can’t blame Universal 🙂

The soundtrack is pretty dynamic with lots of use of the subwoofer and surround speakers, and created a thrilling atmosphere, even when that isn’t necessary.

– Rings: more info on the guy that we get to see in the beginning of the movie, how he himself got to see the videotape and had to find a victim to make sure he doesn’t get killed himself
– The Haunting Of Ring 2: more info on strange phenomena the crew experienced during the making of the movie
– HBO First Look: The Making of “The Ring 2”: promotional making of
– Imagination In Focus
– Samara: From Eye To Icon
– Deleted & Alternate Scenes
– Trailers

Hideo Nakata, director of the original Ringu and Ringu 2 has gotten the chance to recreate his Japanese movie for Hollywood, something he wasn’t offered to do with the remake of his original movie (the remake of Ringu was done by Gore Verbinski). While you would hope that bringing the original Japanese director on board is a great move that will surely make the remake great, this isn’t always the case and The Ring 2 is the perfect example. Much like Ringu 2 was already a weak sequel to Ringu (the Japanese original version of The Ring), The Ring 2 is even weaker than that one. Say goodbey to the horror, except for a very few scary moments, as the movie excells in boredom and unexiting plot twists. Sadly my advise is to stay away from The Ring 2 as it will only bring down the good memories you have from the original Ring and also the Japanese original, Ringu.

In the extras department we get two quite interesting ones being “Rings” and “The haunting of Ring 2”. The rest is little more than promotional mumbo jumbo

Our Score:

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