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Ring: The Box

The Ring box contains all four original Japanese Ring movies :
Ring – The Original : check out our seperate full review
Ring 2: takes off where the original movie ended. Reiko has shown the tape to her father and since then has disappeared. Mai Takano starts investigating what has happened along with another journalist and the video starts making victims again
Ring 0: the prequel to the original Ring. We get to see how Sadako – the evil – got in the well
Ring Spiral: a very strange movie. Not really a sequel as certain events differ from Ring 2. The remains of Ryuji Takayama need to be checked out by Dr. Andou, an old college friend of Takayama. Andou starts having hallucinations and again the video appears and people start to die

Sound and Vision:
All four movies have the same image & sound quality. This means that there’s quite a lot of damage on the film and also grain is present. The amount of detail could definitely be improved aswell.

The 5.1 soundtrack is decent but not extraordinary. Clear dialogues and good positioning of the sound over the different channels. Still, the subwoofer could have been used a bit more aggressive.

Trailers on each dvd

The original Ring was a revolution as it combined a very scary atmosphere, Japanese folk stories and a slow pace. All in all it was something new that we had never seen from the Japanese film industry. Unfortunately, the sequels and prequel lack new elements to keep you watching. Ring 2 still has the atmosphere but Ring Spiral should not have been made as it tears apart the whole idea of the original movie.
As a DVD box, the Ring series is available for a very small price and those that don’t own the original Ring yet should still check it out

Our Score:

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