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Ring, The Original

A couple of kids have died after having visited a bungalow in the country. The rumour goes round that these kids have seen a video after which they received a phone call that they would die within one week. When journalist Reiko Asakawa’s niece dies aswell, she starts to investigate what happened and ends up in the same bungalow where she finds a video which might be the same one the kids saw. Once she’s started it, the video shows old images of a woman and a couple of other things that hardly make any sense. When the video is finished, the telephone starts to ring and Reiko realises that’s she’s got one week to find out what happened to the teenagers and prevent it to happen to her.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality isn’t bad but could have been better. Certain scenes have problems with dirt and damage on the print while also some grain and aliasing can be found. Still, the colors are very natural and overall the movie is very sharp.

The soundtrack can be chosen between Dolby Digital 2.0 or 5.1, both in Japanese. Personally I would definitely go for the 5.1 track which has clear dialogues and good spreading of the sound over the different channels.

A whole bunch of trailers for other movies, ended with the original trailer for Ring.

The original version Ring is one of the most successful Japanese movies of the last years and it’s no wonder that a remake was made by Americans only a couple of years after this original was released. The original Ring is a good horror movie which has a slow pace but still manages to keep you interested and the finale will blow you away. Seeing that this dvd is also available for a VERY attractive price, you shouldn’t let this one go by.

Our Score:

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