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Ring, The

When her niece dies one week after watching a strange video, Rachel Keller – a female journlist – goes on investigation to find out what happened and what this video is. After a short period of time, she finds the video and watches it whereafter she gets a call from a woman who states only two words: “Seven Days”. It becomes clear to Rachel that she will be the next victim and that she only has seven days to find out what the truth is behind the tape and how she can survive. Together with her ex-friend and father of her son, she starts digging up all the information she can about the images on the tape. During her investigation, however, her son accidentally watches the video aswell and now she has to be not only find the truth for her own sake but also that of her beloved son. And the clock is ticking and seven days are over really fast…

Sound and Vision:
The colors used in this film lack red on purpose. Everything has a very blue and yellow look and only on certain occasions we get to see deep red colors. Really nice to make an atmosphere. Compression errors or edge enhancement are not present and the level of detail is good. However, from time to time the image is a bit too soft.

The soundtrack is very good and the 5.1 track adds a lot to the tention in the film.

There are only two options in the extras menu, one where you get to see the actual footage from the tape along with some altered scenes. The other option gives you access to the trailer of Catch me if you can. A hidden option is also present and that gives you the full-blown version of the footage on the videotape from the film without possibility to do anything else but watch it.

The Ring is a remake of a Japanese movie and takes the word “remake” very seriously. Almost every shot is duplicated and only the surroundings have changed from Japan to the US. Is this better or worse than the original ? I would say that the original has a bit more tension but this one certainly has a better soundtrack and more effects. Also the “paranormal” side of the movie has been less prominent present in the US version which we don’t mind at all

Our Score:

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