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Ripley's Game

After a deal to sell valuable drawings goes wrong, Tom Ripley (John Malkovich) and his partner in crime Reeves (Ray Winstone) split up. Reeves gets the money while Ripley keeps the drawings for himself.

Three years later, Ripley is living in Italy as a fortunate arts dealer together with his wife Luisa Harari (Chiara Caselli), a musician. When Tom returns from a party where he got insulted by his neighbour Jonathan Trevanny (Dougray Scott), he finds his former partner Reeves sitting on the couch. Reeves currently owns a club in Berlin but is having some problems with the Russian maffia and wants Tom to kill one of the Russians. Tom decides not to do it himself but instead get Jonathan – who is terminally ill – to do it for him as revenge for insulting him.

Sound and Vision:
Some edge enhancement is visible but overall the image quality is pretty good, even despite some grain that is present in certain scenes. Nothing that really disturbs the viewing experience.

Although the movie doesn’t really run on special effects, the DTS soundtrack is quite dynamic with good use of surround speakers and subwoofer. The level of detail is very good aswell as the positioning of the sound. Good stuff!

We’re getting used to it but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Before getting to the menu there’s a couple of trailers you have to watch unless you skip them with the “track forward” button. Just think of it like being in the cinema, there you get trailers before the movie as well. Only other extra is the theatrical trailer. Too bad.

Ripley’s Game is the sequel to “The Talented Mr.Ripley”. Matt Damon has been replaced by John Malkovich and the difference in style is big. While The Talented Mr.Ripley showed us a Ripley who takes advantage of situations and tries not to get caught, John Malkovich is the summum of a cold-hearted Ripley who hardly gives a damn about anything except his wife. Is Ripley’s Game therefore less than The Talented Mr.Ripley? Certainly not! Malkovich acts superbly and with such grace that you almost forget he’s an actor and although the storyline is a bit more straight-forward than the previous movie, it’s still highly enjoyable. Definitely worth checking out!

Our Score:

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