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River King, The

The dead body of a student from an exclusive school is found in a frozen river. Abel Grey and his partner are assigned the task to find out the cause of dead and quickly they come up with suicide, mostly due to the fact that the school board states that the boy couldn’t really cope with the school and was behaving quite anti-social. Still, it looks like there’s more to it as Abel tends to find clues all over. When his superiors demand him to write down suicide as cause and stop the investigation, Abel gets even more determined to find out what really happened…

Sound and Vision:
We get to see the movie in its original format and the quality is very good with deep colors and good contrast. There’s some minor grain and edge enhancement present but other than that there’s nothing to worry about.

The soundtrack is pretty dynamic and gives a very spacial sound. The emphasis is on the front channels but the surround speakers to get some action.


The River King is based on the novel by Alice Hoffman who we also know from “Practical Magic”. Although its positioned as a thriller with some supernatural elements, the movie also deals with feelings of guilt and loss which not everyone may like, also due to the rather slow pace. Paradiso again delivers good technical quality with decent image and sound. Unfortunately, there are no extras present.

Our Score:

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