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Midway has forgotten how to make exciting and refreshing games. Roadkill is a perfect example: it’s not exciting, neither is it refreshing. It’s just a mix of GTA, Carmagedonn and Vigilante 8, smoothly sampled together to be as original as the substitute of Saddam Hussein. The Apocalypse left a trail of destruction and misery. The survivors come together in small gangs to kill the other survivors. This leads to a vicious circle of suffering. You must try to survive in this world that reminds me of Mad Max.

Soon enough, you will meet the most bizarre individuals in this city. The most powerful gang leader seems to be a clown who acts like a true sadistic psycho. Your first taste of the game is a tour throughout the city. I’ve found a brochure and this city seems to be a real blast.
Hell County

Did you ask for amusement and do you like to be surrounded by friendly people? Hell County could be your city! The numerous heroin hookers will surely be a nice surprise after a long year of hard labour. Come enjoy the various weapon shops, where the delinquents won’t hesitate to help you in your quest for a weapon. The tourist who enjoyed the Spanish coast will be delighted with the brown coloured waves of Hell City.

Hell City: and your vacation becomes a whole new experience.
Hell City is a nice place to shoot everything to smithereens with your car. Sad enough, you can’t leave your car for a nice, relaxing walk in the park. To compensate this, you can fill your rusty wheels with machineguns and landmines. Like in GTA, you can hide these cars in your garage. Every car has is own feeling and differs from other cars. You can change your car when it comes in handy in every mission.

You will instantly notice the violence in this game. Pedestrians fall apart after being hit by your car, or even worse, they get stuck on your car. Oversize blood marks fill the screen while you hit yet another old lady. Roadkill got a big “18” sign on the cover and that’s not a surprise. It’s not suitable for your old auntie Elizabeth, not to mention the kids who might live in your house. Put on a Sean Paul record or some other bad singer to get them out of your house because this will get very messy. You can notice that Midway wanted to shock people and some might say it worked. I wouldn’t say that because nobody actually takes notice of this game. It isn’t good, neither is it popular enough to get attention from old politicians.

To get some inspiration, Midway went to look in the old book of clichés (part 2: legendary movies and games). For instant, you will find the same submissions as in GTA, better known as rampages. The music is, sometimes literally, taken over from GTA Vice City. You can expect old, yet good, rock music and a lot off talk shows. Sad enough, these shows don’t come near the crazy and original shows from GTA.

The Graphics in Roadkill are far from bad. The atmosphere of hate, anger and pour people is perfectly transmitted to your Playstation. You could say Roadkill has nice graphics without being noticed. In the beginning, you might have some problems on how to drive your car. If you brake with square, it will lead into a fast stop, while braking with L1 is just clumsy if you’re used to GTA. This leads to an unnecessary amount of dead people, because you accidentally pushed the wrong button and fired a rocket or some other dangerous weapon.

To be honest, Roadkill is trapped into one big cliché. Every time you shut down your PS2 you’ll have the feeling you’ve just been playing a bad remix of GTA or Twisted Metal Black. Roadkill hasn’t got his own face, and therefore it hides behind the faces of bad language and violence. Back in the days, you could have a hit with these ingredients (Carmageddon anyone?). Nowadays, people aren’t shocked by a bucket of blood more or less. Roadkill ends up in a big black hole of average games, never to see the light again. If Midway released Roadkill seven years ago, they would have a hit. Now, they have nothing, and that’s understandable

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