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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (SE)

Robin of Locksley (Costner) is as many crusaders locked up in prison but with the help of the Moor Azeem (Freeman) he manages to escape and return to England where he soon realises that a lot has changed since he went on crusade. Due to the absense of King Richard, the sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman) is trying to get control over the country and he’s killed Robin’s father with the help of sir Guy of Gisborne (Michael Wincott). With the help of lady Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) Robin manages to escape from the sheriff and hides in the woods of Sherwood Forest where he meets up with several peasants who’ve fled there aswell to escape the cruel reign of the sheriff. Robin decides to teach them how to fight and together with a couple of friends he starts stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Meanwhile, the sheriff of Nottingham is getting frustrated by Robin Hood’s actions and puts a bounty on his head.

Sound and Vision:
The movie has been completely remastered and put on the disc in the original movie aspect ratio of 1.78:1. There are still some problems with grain and scratches while edge enhancement has been used also, but overall we do get pretty good quality with bright and shiny colors, loads of detail and good sharp image. Same goes for the contrast and level of black which both also excell.

The original Dolby Stereo track has been replaced by a 5.1 Dolby Digital track where the surround channels are mostly used for the supporting atmosphere music while the emphasis qua effects lay on the front speakers. Dialogues are coming from the center speaker as usual but when there’s a lot of stuff going on, the dialogues tend to get a bit distorted. The subwoofer only gets used from time to time to give some extra support to the lower tones but don’t expect too much from it.

Disc 1 has two audio commentary tracks, the first being with Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Pen Densham (writer) and John Watson (producer) while the second one has director Kevin Reynolds and Kevin Costner.

The second disk has a Behind-the-Scenes feature which consists of “Robin Hood: The Man, The Myth, The Legend” where Pierce Brosnan shows us the production and talks all about the legends and facts of Robin Hood combined with interviews and movie scenes. Bryan Adams gets to sing live at Slane Castle for us with his hit “Everything I Do I Do It For You”. One on One with the Cast is a couple of interviews with main cast who talk about their roles after which you can take a look at a photo gallery and the theatrical trailer.

Warner has done a great job in restoring Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with improved image & sound quality while they’ve also added some interesting extras. Definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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