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Rock (Special Edition), The

General Hummel (Ed Harris) is a US general who has always been in charge for secret operations. During these assignments, 83 of his men have died and due to the fact of secrecy, these men never got an official military burial. He and several of his crew are fed with this situation and decide to steal a couple of highly toxic missiles, take over Alcatraz, take the tourists that are present as hostage, and aim the missiles at San Francisco. They demand 100 million $ ransom with the treath that if the government doesn’t pay up within 40 hours, the missiles will be fired off.

FBI chemical weapons specialist Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage) gets put on the job, aswell as ex SAS agent Patrick Mason (Sean Connery) who’s been inprisoned during 30 years and who is the only man ever to have escaped Alcatraz. Together with a bunch of Navy Seals, they go to the prison but after a short while, General Hummel finds out what they’re trying to do and all seals are killed. Goodspeed and Mason are now the only possible chance to take out Hummel.

Sound and Vision:
Except for a couple of short moments where some aliasing can be seen, the image quality is perfect with good color balance, good detail (although most of the movie is in the dark) and good contrast.

The soundtrack is very good with a very aggressive use of the surround channels and subwoofer. Definitely worth to turn up the volume and hear your house tremble 🙂

Actually, the extras on this “special edition” are disappointing. Except for a short featurette which features some very short interview sessions with cast&crew, alternative subtitling with information on the movie (alternative to an audio commentary ?) and the movie trailer there’s nothing.

If you’re in for a movie where the action doesn’t stop, you just have to check out this movie. Good acting from all cast just enhances the experience. Too bad of the extremely small amount of extras.

Our Score:

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