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Rookie, The (Clint Eastwood Collection)

Clint Eastwood is Nick Pulovski a veteran cop who does nothing but chase car thieves. When his partner gets killed in action, he has to team up with David Ackerman (Sheen), a rookie cop who’s father is rich and doesn’t like his son being on the street, catching “bad guys”. Of course, Nick isn’t all too happy with the situation, but as he’s got no choice he takes David along in his quest to catch the leader of the biggest gang of car thieves, Strom (Julia).

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent but not extraordinary. Some film spots are present and the level of detail could have been better in certain scenes. Overall we can’t really complain as the contrast is good and shadow depth is fine.

The 5.1 soundtrack goes the same: we don’t get too many special effects from the surround speakers but the dialogues are correctly positioned at the center speaker and everything sounds warm and real.


The Rookie is an action/comedy from the hand of Clint Eastwood who directs himself in this picture where he plays a Dirty Harry-like cop who wants to make one last big bust before being ready for retirement but has to take care of a rookie cop who’s got issues with his rich father. Overall, the movie isn’t bad but looks a bit outdated. The dvd is technically decent but lacks extras.

Our Score:

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