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Rumor has it

Rumor has it that the book “The Graduate” is based on the real story of the Huttinger family. Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston) feels like the odd one out in her family that tends to see a game of tennis as the highlight of their lives. This feeling gets stronger when she finds out she was conceived a week before her parents’ wedding. When she traces back her mother’s steps she finds a mutual boyfriend, Benjamin “Beau” Braddock (Kevin Costner), from both her mother and grandmother and it looks like her family isn’t just as sassy as she believed!

Sound and Vision:
The quality of this dvd is very good with natural colors, lots of detail and sharp image. There’s some very minor grain present but luckily not in a disturbing way.

The soundtrack gives good support with music and atmospheric sounds while the emphasis is on the front channels and dialogues that come from the center speaker.


The references to the book and movie “The graduate” are very well done; the flashbacks, the comments and music. It isn’t neseccary to have seen that movie to understand what’s going on though. There isn’t much more to say than that it’s just a pleasant movie to watch, not only for the die-hard-comedy-lovers, but for everyone who likes an entertaining romantic comedy now and then. Warner delivers a technically decent dvd but unfortunately there aren’t any interesting extras to be found.

Our Score:

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