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Run Fatboy Run

Dennis has screwed up his life good. Six years ago he left his pregnant girlfriend Libby standing in front of the altar and ever since he’s been trying to make up for that. When one day he goes to Libby to pick up his son Jake, he finds out a new guy called Whit is making his move for her. Whit has everything going for him: he’s got a succesful career, he’s sportive, gentle and slick, and Dennis immediately hates the guy.

When Whit states he’ll be running the London marathon in a couple of weeks, Dennis decides it’s time to take action: he’ll wants to run the marathon as well and show Libby he’s a new man! Only a couple of problems: he’s out of shape, has never ran a marathon, smokes cigarettes and the period for enlistment into the marathon is long gone.

Sound and Vision:
There are some compression errors in certain scenes but nothing that spoils the image too much. The colors are bright and grain is almost completely absent. Also the contrast is fine and there’s little more to say really.

The sound does its job but since the movie is dialogue-centered, the surround speakers are used in a subtle way with mostly some environment sounds and music.


Run Fatboy Run is the second time Simon Pegg works together with David Schwimmer, Big Nothing being the first. Although that movie wasn’t as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, it was bearable and since I like Pegg as an actor, I decided to give this one a try. And how stupid I was. I could have known that a romantic comedy like this would be boring. Especially with David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) at the helm. Pegg tries to save the day with good timing but the jokes are plain boring and hardly funny while the storyline is as predictable as can be.

People that love this type of sugar sweet movies may want to give Run Fatboy Run a try, but everyone else can just leave this be.

Our Score:

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