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Runaway Jury

Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman) is an expert when it comes to selecting jurors and when he gets hired by the weapons lobby to help during a trial against them, he doesn’t feel bad when asking for a pretty huge fee for his services. When the trial starts, it quickly becomes clear that someone in the jury with a hidden agenda. Both Fitch and defense attourney Wendell Rohr (Dustin Hoffman) get contacted by a woman who demands a large sum of money in exchange for a verdict that is in their favour. Fitch of course isn’t all too happy with the matter and immediately starts investigating who on the jury might be the person that’s working together with the woman and he quickly comes to Nick Easter (John Cusack), a juror who played it smart to get in the jury. While the trial continues, Fitch is determined to do all he can to make sure the jury makes the verdict he wants them to make but he sure as hell doesn’t intend to pay any money to someone that blackmails him…

Sound and Vision:
This court-drama may sound static and maybe even boring but the director and cameraman have done their best to make things as dynamic as possible and have succeeded pretty well. The image quality is good without compression errors and nice sharp detail while the dolby surround track nicely adds atmosphere throughout the movie.

– Director audio commentary
– Deleted scenes (2) with optional commentary
– Selected Scene: 2 scenes where the actors give additional info
– Exploring The Scène: Hackman & Hofman: Hackman & Hoffman give additional info on a scene in the movie and alongside we get to see some B-roll footage
– Off The Cuff: Hackman & Hofman: both actors give a lot of info on how they met and how their careers went until they crossed in this movie
– The Ensemble: Acting: the other actors also get their chance to talk about this movie
– Making Of: Runaway Jury: standard Making Of
– Shadow & Light: Cinematography: feature on the lighting and camera’s
– A Vistion Of New Orleans: Production Design: a guide around the court
– Rhythm: The Craft Of Editing: how the movie was edited and why certain decisions were made

All in all, good stuff

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to see a decent Grisham movie and Runaway Jury nicely does the job. Gene Hackman shines as Fitch while John Cusack manages not to be over-acted by Hackman and nicely stands his man. The storyline is well laid out and everything fits like a glove. The additional extras as well as the superb image and sound quality make this dvd stand above average. Certainly a dvd you want to see

Our Score:

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