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Running Scared

Joey Gazelle is a small time criminal who’s been working his way up in a mob organisation for the last 12 years. When a drug deal goes wrong between his gang and some Jamaicans because of a couple of crooked cops busting in, all Jamaicans and most of the cops get killed. Joey is requested to get rid of the gun that was used and as usual, he hides it in his cellar. Unfortunately, his son and neighbour Oleg see him putting it away and Oleg, who gets beaten by his father Anzor, takes the gun home with him and shoots his dad with it and runs off.

This puts Joey into a difficult position as the gun is easily recognisable and can be linked to the cop killing. A race against the clock starts as not only the police are now after the boy but also his fellow mobsters as Oleg’s dad is part of a Russion gang who now believe Joey deliberately gave Oleg the gun so they could take over Anzor’s business.

Sound and Vision:
While the movie was shot in 2.35:1, the dvd has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 which sometimes makes that an actor is only half on the screen and that it’s clear that you don’t always get to see the compostion as the director intended it to be. Bad move from DFW! We get sharp image with a lot of detail. The director uses a lot of different techniques in this movie which results in some scenes containing some intentional grain as well as several color filters being used to apparently uplift the atmosphere of the moment. However, it does look a bit too MTV-ish at times and can bother certain people.

The DTS soundtrack is pretty decent with good use of the surround channels while dialogues are always crystal clear.

– Audio Commentary Track
– Film Clips
– Interviews with cast&crew: a couple of soundbites
– Behind the Scenes: Not a realy Behind-the Scenes but more a B-roll
– Through the Looking Glass: The makers give some insight on the storyline, characters while you also get to see storyboards and interviews with some of the cast.
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

In short: the usual stuff from Dutch Filmworks. Funny (or should I say sad?) detail: all the extras contain the movie footage in the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio

Running Scared is a nice action movie that does its job as it should. You get an entertaining film with decent acting and interesting plot twists. Definitely worth checking out if you like the genre. DFW has made a bad decision by delivering a pan&scan version of the movie as this way we don’t get to see it as the director intended it and it also makes some of the action look a but chaotic. The extras are reasonable but pretty standard.

Our Score:

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