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Kristen (Leigh) is a young police women who one day gets the possibility to go work undercover in the narcotics department together with Rayner (Patrick) who teaches her the ropes of being undercover in the drug community and after a while they fall in love. Meanwhile, their job is getting harder and harder to do as they have to bust dealers but also need to take drugs to make sure they don’t get exposed as cops. Slowly but steadily they get hooked…

Sound and Vision:
Rush is another Big Deal budget release and it shows: edge enhancement, grain, compression artefacts and some minor dirt on the movie are all present. Level of darkness and detail are pretty good though.

The soundtrack is reworked to a 5.1 track but the rear channels don’t really come into action much and the dialogues tend to get overwhelmed by the music score and are sometimes hard to understand.


Rush is a movie which clearly shows how undercover cops can go down and turn to the wrong side by being put in the underground world of drug abuse and violence. In 1991 this film pretty much shocked the world and although we might be used to more these days, it’s still a very interesting movie to watch with great performance from all actors. The dvd sadly doesn’t have any extras (what would you expect from a budget release) and the image and sound quality is plain bad. This film deserved better

Our Score:

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